Rama Trauma Center

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Hapur Ncr:- 78-7777-5530
Lakhanpur:- 78-7777-8802
Mandhana:- 78-7777-5502


This department deals with disorders of blood. Blood contains various cells (red cells, white cells, platelets) and proteins which provide energy to our tissues protect us from infections and responsible for many critical biological functions in our body.

Diseases of blood affect one or more of these functions and require specialized diagnostic testing and treatment. We offer comprehensive care for such disorders. One of the biggest medical problems in the world, cancer and related complications are dealt with in the Oncology department. Detected early, most of the cancerous conditions are curable. At Rama Hospital, the Department is a specially designed unit with facilities for diagnostic and interventional procedures. These include Biopsies, Excisions and Chemotherapy.


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