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The department of Plastic Surgery is doing excellent work in the field of hand, cosmetic, burns, faciomaxillary injury and reconstructive surgeries.

It includes a case of functional reconstruction of the tongue after total glossectomy. New flap designed for oral commissural defect reconstruction and tendoachillis defect reconstruction by perforator flap. It runs special programmes in hand micro-vascular re-implantation surgeries and liposuction, abdominoplasty for obesity.

  • Breast surgeries- reduction mammoplasty, Augmentation mammoplasty
  • Liposuction – excision for gynecomastia
  • Post burns contracture release and reconstruction
  • Faciomaxillary – surgeries for trauma and deformities
  • Occuloplasty – lid reconstruction, oral cavity, orbital osteotomies
  • Cranioplasty- scalp skin defect and bone defect reconstruction
  • Cleft lip and palate – secondary deformities – correction
  • Rhinoplasty - open and closed methods
  • Reconstructive surgeries – in trauma and post oncological surgeries.
  • Skin malignancies – excision and reconstruction
  • Diabetic foot - reconstruction

The Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery enhances a person’s appearance by removing their blemishes and augmenting their natural attributes. Plastic Surgery is a unique discipline, in that it does not refer to the surgery of a particular region or part of the body. It is derived from the Greek word ‘plastikos’ which means ‘to mould’. Plastic surgery has many further subdivisions like reconstructive microsurgery, aesthetic surgery, pediatric plastic surgery, hand surgery, treatment of burns and their squeal etc.

The science is further divided into 4 major sub specialties; Cosmetic (Aesthetic) Surgery, Micro vascular Surgery (Reconstructive Microsurgery), Hand Surgery and General Plastic Surgery.

Our Achievements

  • Plastic Surgery - More Than 1500
  • Burn Cases - More Than 1000

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