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Research Centre

Research Facilities

The Hospital endeavours to contribute to medical knowledge through Research. Observations and in-house investigations are being carried out by specialists with the objectives of identifying diagnostic systems, preventive care and ultimate cure and control of disease.

The results of investigations would be processed, circulated and discussed in clinical meetings.

CME Programmes and medical conferences

In furtherance of the above the hospital arranges periodically clinical meetings and conferences wherein the case studies, the latest development in medical science, complications and symptoms of various diseases and modes of diagnosis will be discussed.

Clinical Meetings

In addition to regular teaching program for students, the Hospital organizes clinical meetings twice in a week and basic science lectures, which are attended not only by the consultants and doctors of the hospital but also by the outside doctors. All important cases treated in the hospital are presented in the meeting and discussed. Complicated Medical and surgical cases are presented in the meeting and discussed. Continued Medical Education Programs are being held in the hospital twice in a month as an educative program. In the CME programs, lectures and demonstrations are held and papers are presented regularly by eminent medical consultants and group discussions are also held. Such CME programs are attended by a wide section of medical fraternities. Regular lecture classes and demonstration classes are held for providing training to Resident Doctors and Staff Nurses. Necessary teaching materials such as, slide projector, overhead projector, Multi Media projector, etc., are available in the hospital.


Hospital hosts meetings regularly once a year in the following specialties

  • Physicians
  • Surgeons
  • Paediatricians
  • Urologist
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Radiologist
  • Pathologist
  • Cardiologist
  • Cardiothoracic Surgeons
  • Anaesthesiologist

These meetings give additional exposures to the residents, Graduates and post graduate students.



The library is located in the third floor where a separate area is earmarked. It has textbooks, journals (both Indian and Foreign), Periodicals etc., covering almost all the disciplines of medicine (list enclosed).

It is a comprehensive library with the following facilities:

  • Clinical and Research Photography in most of the departments
  • Overhead projector and Slide projector and Multi Media projector in the seminar room
  • Photo-Micrograph in Pathology Department

Computer based library with Retrieval system is also available for specific reference facilities in Research and Academics.


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