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Overview Angina

Angina is a term used for pain and discomfort felt in your chest. Also known as angina pectoris, angina is mainly caused by coronary heart disease. It is normally discussed as pressure, heaviness, pain or tightness in your chest. The blood supply to your heart is confined due to the narrowing of the arteries that supply blood and oxygen to your heart muscle. It is often brought on by an emotional upset, physical exertion or after a meal. This condition requires urgent medical attention as it may precede heart attack

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The signs and symptoms related to angina are: Chest pain Shortness of breath Heaviness or tightness in your chest Nausea Dizziness


Some main causes of angina include: Coronary artery disease Physical exertion Exposure to extreme temperatures


Ythe doctor will start by asking about your symptoms and by performing a physical exam. Based on the severity of your signs and symptoms, he might suggest you some tests. ... Electrocardiogram Coronary angiography Chest X-ray Heart scan Blood scan


People with angina need certain surgeries to treat coronary heart disease from getting worse. Moreover, there are many medications available to help control your symptoms. .. Angioplasty and stenting It is a sound treatment option for unstable angina cases. During this procedure, a tiny balloon is inserted in your narrowed or blocked artery. Heart bypass surgery During heart bypass surgery, an artery or vein is used from other parts of the body to bypass a narrowed or blocked heart artery. Medications Medications such as nitrates, beta blockers, statins, ranolazine, etc are often used to treat angina.


Control high blood pressure Stop smoking Be physically active Eat balanced diet Reduce your cholesterol level

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