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Rama Group strong belief in Corporate Social Responsibility inspires it through its commitment to take care of Environment, Health and Safety of its employees, customers and the surrounding neighborhood. For us, business is as much about integrating societal, economic and environmental obligations as it is about creating value for our esteemed customers. In our own humble way, we strive to induce the change we want to see.

Health Awareness

We regularly organize various Health awareness camps and activities, as our objective is to prevent and cure illness. Rama has always being considerate about the healing and the very theme "Sarve bhawantu sukhina, sarve santu niramaya" a sanskrit shlok meaning by, Let every individual be happy and thus every individual be healthy has instilled the heart to cure in every bit of this place.

Community Healthcare

We have been taking various initiatives to promote community healthcare and also undertake preventive health measures for early detection of diseases through Health Camps, Free Health Check-ups, and other awareness programs every month at our various units that significantly contribute to social security. We also provide an extensive range of free and low-cost tests, OPD consultations, surgeries, and medicines for the economically weak and lower sections of the society.

Need Assistance?

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Our representatives are available Monday through Sunday, from 8 a.m to 8 p.m IST, except for holidays.